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Well, that's interesting.

2012-10-31 10:39:19 by NeutralObjections

Where did everyone go? All the users I knew and loved have disappeared.

I suppose they just move with the times. Still upset though.


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2012-11-06 22:06:16

: 3

NeutralObjections responds:



2012-11-08 03:16:53

I'm still here.

NeutralObjections responds:

and for that I love you.


2012-11-09 19:06:38

I have not seen you in a long time. Howya doin'?

NeutralObjections responds:

Not too bad.

I've been busy with studies and the like for the most part... but another reason I left for a while is because I got a little discouraged by a lot of the user's opinions on the forums, and it got me feeling depressed and cynical, so I left. However, a feeling I had told me to come back and start voice acting again. So tah-dah. I return.

Hope everything is well with you. :)