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Dave Matthews Hate (throw your flame)

2013-05-21 15:41:19 by NeutralObjections

Why do people hate Dave Matthews Band? I really like his music.

No I get not caring for his music, whatever. That's your taste.

But people HATE him. Like, they create lists of WHY they hate him. I don't get it. Sure the whole "bro culture" that surrounds him is pretty shitty, but...

these people throw out bands that are okay, but not phenomenal and are just like "THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER, SERIOUSLY, HES SUCH A JOKE COMPARATIVELY." One guy threw out Sum-41, in comparison. Come on.

Then another threw out Anal-Cunt.

Some asshole literally compared DMB to Anal-Cunt. I'm not saying that because one is substantially better then the other. I'm saying it because they aren't even closely related in genres, play-style, themes, or even general sounds.

Can you give me constructive criticism of why you hate him? Just throw me some. Really, I'm interested.

I want your opinions inside of me.


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