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This place is still alive, wow.

Well, after 1.5 years of depression, a college degree, and a move to DC, I guess I'm back again.

And fuck knows why- HEY EVERYBODY


2013-06-26 16:28:44 by NeutralObjections

Need a voice for your work? I'm your guy. Check out my already out works and get ready for new ones on the horizon!

Dave Matthews Hate (throw your flame)

2013-05-21 15:41:19 by NeutralObjections

Why do people hate Dave Matthews Band? I really like his music.

No I get not caring for his music, whatever. That's your taste.

But people HATE him. Like, they create lists of WHY they hate him. I don't get it. Sure the whole "bro culture" that surrounds him is pretty shitty, but...

these people throw out bands that are okay, but not phenomenal and are just like "THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER, SERIOUSLY, HES SUCH A JOKE COMPARATIVELY." One guy threw out Sum-41, in comparison. Come on.

Then another threw out Anal-Cunt.

Some asshole literally compared DMB to Anal-Cunt. I'm not saying that because one is substantially better then the other. I'm saying it because they aren't even closely related in genres, play-style, themes, or even general sounds.

Can you give me constructive criticism of why you hate him? Just throw me some. Really, I'm interested.

I want your opinions inside of me.

Tom Fulp just connected with me on LinkedIn...

2013-01-10 15:41:14 by NeutralObjections

I'm not 100% sure why, but I'm not complaining. That's pretty cool.

I guess if he REALLY needs someone to take over the site for him, I can do the job.

(who am I kidding I don't know the first thing about running a website all I have is decent acting skills and a nice voice.)


2012-11-11 14:32:16 by NeutralObjections

A new artist, Mr. TechnoMantis, if you ever come across him, has asked to animate my voice acting skit "We're All Friends Here!"

He's updating me as he goes, and already threw some concept art at me, and it's pretty good. Like fucking awesome.

I'm honored as hell, and wicked excited to see the finished product in a few months. I'll keep you guys (who care? what) updated and you can check out his page too. And if you haven't heard my skit already and would like to, (you really should and then post a comment because you want me) here it is:

Also, I'm really glad llsm came back to Newgrounds. This kid has some wicked talent and great ideas like you've never seen. If you havent already go check out his stuff.

And new voice acting bits soon? ALL DEPENDS. But... hopefully.

Where did everyone go? All the users I knew and loved have disappeared.

I suppose they just move with the times. Still upset though.

How to Whore Yourself: Chapter 1

2012-07-07 21:25:25 by NeutralObjections

Hey guys, if you're another mindless drone who owns a twitter account like me, and you think I'm a cool dude, you enjoy my voice acting OR you just want another outlet to find and rape me, follow my Twitter!

Right here bitch.

And now that you know my real name, here is a black and white photo of an attractive girl in a football jersey with a nice ass.


How to Whore Yourself: Chapter 1

My good friend llssm just made a MS Paint movie and it's actually pretty damn great.

I did the voice of the stoner-chip-buying gentleman.

Head over to the portal and see it, if you get the chance, you'll FUCKING LOVE IT MAAANNNNNN.

Or instead of looking on this site's shitty search engine you could just check in my movies.

Or, you could just click here. Whatever.

What do you wonderful Newgrounds folk think?

Things I'm currently doing:

2012-05-16 12:25:32 by NeutralObjections

Listening to:

Mumford and Sons - I Gave You All

This song is fucking great, and so is Mumford and Sons. They always sound epic.

MF Doom - Old School Rules

My friend recently showed me Mr. Doom, and I'm pleasantly surprised. His raps are fresh and creative but this song off his album for Adult Swim really takes the cake. I love any kind of brass in my songs, and the ones in this tune are groovy as fuck. Chorus is pretty smooth too, if I say so myself.


The Legend of Korra

Awesome show. It has a top tier villain which makes any piece of fiction interesting. Amon is going to make a leaderboard somewhere.


I love this movie. Really can't get enough of it. There is so many moments that make me laugh out loud, and Will Ferrel's dialogue is superb, he did great in this movie.


Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road

I loved New Vegas. I played all the DLC's except this one and decided to buy it two days ago. It's pretty intense. Ulysses is an enigma, and his metaphors and allusions are so cryptic and well-written. I'm wondering how this will all end in the great Divide, and why he hates me so much.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Case 5: Rise from the Ashes

This was the first case which included DS elements, and it's the longest one in the series. Nothing gets me going more than hearing the "Cornered - Pursuit" theme going and nailing the bad guy. Great game.

Opinions on what I'm doing? Want to tell me what you're doing? By all means, please share.


2012-05-11 02:29:54 by NeutralObjections

I like him.

Usually I'm not one for the rape, gore, or shock humor that he usually goes for, but his animation truly is phenomenal.

I feel dirty and take a shower after i watch his flashes though.

I'm always curious what kind of drugs he takes for his ideas, or what his past history was like.

Or maybe it's just his nature?

Also, given his looks, he probably fucks lots of bitches.

*praising over*

What's your opinion on the guy?